Neon Cubes series

Using cubic forms, neon is pushed to have something it doesn't usually have: volume. Combined with polished aluminum as reflective surfaces, the sculptures are amplified in space and light. This series was created during my residency @ Pier 9; I bent all the neon tubes, and they were filled at The Crucible in Oakland.


Voxel creates volume in neon by using a space-filling curve to fill the space of a set of cubes. Put together, the cubes give neon a new density and weight not usually associated with the medium. Each cube is a single-electrode phosphor-coated tube, filled with argon or neon gas.


Radiant plays with making aluminum less monolithic and solid, and gives neon a role in the act. The resulting curvatures reflect the neon to create many lines.


Coolant creates volume through negative space. The mimicking cubes provide weight and the reflective surfaces multiply the right angles. The light is clear glass filled with argon gas.